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The food and beverage industry is in a pressure cooker of market forces. Dramatic shifts in consumer preferences and behavior. Supply chain disruptions. Fluctuating commodity markets. Emerging distribution channels. Variable packaging needs. New worker health and safety protocols. Data is the key ingredient for navigating rapid change and achieving operational excellence. 

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The power of the PI System for the food and beverage industry

Process data across food and beverage operations is critical to driving operational excellence.

The PI System helps uncover insights to improve product quality, environmental sustainability, and asset optimization.

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Product quality and food safety

Consumers demand the highest quality food and beverage products. Meet consumer needs in a consistent and transparent manner.

Using data to increase production and fermentation capacity, Deschutes is saving 48 hours for every batch of beer across 8-10 brands year-round.

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Asset health

Keep assets running smoother, longer. Less maintenance, better quality products.

By securely connecting and integrating OT and IT data in a single platform, Hershey has reduced maintenance costs by 33%, throughput losses by 30%, and quality losses by 20%.

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Operational excellence

Cost of goods sold is the largest item on a food and beverage company’s P&L. Optimize processes and operations across all production facilities.

Tracking events across Cargill’s bottle filling production line has mitigated performance loss from 40 to just eight hours per month, and reduced overtime shifts.

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Energy and water utilization

Most food and beverage products require significant amounts of water and energy. Address energy and water loss, improve efficiency, and optimize cost savings.

Heineken spends less time looking for data and more time analyzing it to manage water, electricity, and thermal energy consumption in real time.

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Sustainability is one of the top issues facing the food and beverage industry and its ability to feed the planet with as little disruption as possible. Leverage the PI System to enable greener, more efficient processes.

Using operational data to reduce energy consumption and water usage, Kellogg’s has saved $3.3 million annually and claimed $1.8 million in rebates, since 2005, at just one plant.

two food manufacturing workers in tyson food plant

Connected value network

Connected consumers demand quality, satisfaction, safety, and availability of their food and beverage products. Meet increasing standards for transparency, quality, and efficiency throughout the entire value network of Industry 4.0 with access to the right data.

Tyson improved plant operations and cost savings with data-driven insights that enhance packaging process controls, increase yield, reduce waste, and improve worker productivity.

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Most beverages depend on water. They require careful filtration, blending, fermentation, or brewing before packaging and distribution. Data helps to ensure compliance with stringent standards for quality, efficiency, and sustainability at every step of the process.


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Flour. Cocoa. Sugar. Oil. Flavoring. Though components are sourced from all over the globe, they must meet rigorous standards over time and distance before being measured, assessed, purchased, and mixed. Data is a critical ingredient for ensuring products are made with the right ingredients.


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Packaged goods

Packaged goods typically start with a carefully measured mixing process— often according to strict recipes—and then enter the packaging process. Data is critical to monitoring and controlling precise requirements and ensuring safe and efficient distribution.

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Once the cow is milked, the product starts to degrade. Dairy processors must optimize production as quickly and efficiently as possible. The reliability of critical equipment such as pumps, conveyors, and refrigerators is essential. The right data can help.


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Beef, pork, poultry, and fish, both fresh and frozen, rely on refrigeration throughout the value chain. Data helps to maintain proper conditions for quality, safety, consistency, and transparency, from the processor to the consumer.

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Stone Technologies, Inc.

FogLAMP uses a pluggable modular architecture to easily connect any/all sensors and IIoT devices, manage incoming operations data and forward it to historians (like OSIsoft’s PI System), enterprise systems and the cloud.

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A leading independent provider of information management solutions, manufacturing automation solutions, control systems integration, building automation, and enterprise and industrial networks.

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With PI integrator technologies, enterprises can automate the delivery of operational data to Microsoft IT systems, such as Microsoft SQL Server, R Services, Azure IoT, and Cortana Intelligence (Azure ML).

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PI Integrator for Business Analytics extracts, cleanses, and shapes time series data from your PI System so it can be easily consumed by SAP HANA®.

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