Oil and gas

Upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas companies use real-time insights from the PI System to improve operational performance, increase asset reliability and avoid catastrophic failures, comply with safety and environmental regulations, and drive long-term strategic success.

  • ~75%
    of the world's crude oil, natural gas and liquids are produced, gathered, processed, transported and delivered with the help of the PI System
  • 750M+
    oil and gas sensor data streams are currently managed with the PI System

The power of the PI System for the oil and gas industry

Oil and gas companies operate complex, expensive and energy-intensive assets in precarious environments. With the PI System, you gain a wealth of operational insights, enabling you to make real-time, data-driven decisions that net bottom-line results with increased safety and environmental performance.

What do leading oil and gas companies think about the PI System?

oil pipes Sinclair

Sinclair Oil taps the PI System on its digital transformation journey 

Oil jacks on field

BP’s digital transformation efforts are built on the PI System

oil pipes

Enbridge Liquids: using Asset Framework in terminal operations

Built to fit your needs

Make faster, better decisions. View and analyze all data sources in one single source of truth. Create a long-term operational system of record for information and knowledge. Perform oil and gas analytics. Optimize critical assets, automate production, logistics and processing processes, and deploy cost-effective maintenance strategies.


Leverage PI System insights to optimize drilling and production on- or offshore, while increasing well safety.


Optimize flow paths and improve processing, transportation, and storage capabilities.


Empower SMEs, engineers, and maintenance specialists. Prevent unplanned shutdowns and improve asset utilization.

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