Downstream oil and gas

Downstream oil and gas companies around the world depend on the PI System for real-time access to operational intelligence that drives bottom line results.

  • 65%
    of global downstream oil and gas manufacturing sites use the PI System
  • 2,000+
    Asset Framework templates support over 500,000 PI AF elements across the downstream sector

The power of the PI System for downstream oil and gas

Digital transformation depends on the PI System. Leading downstream companies use the PI System to empower employees, streamline work processes, and enable more agile operations.

Improve asset reliability and prevent unplanned shutdowns. Optimize production and safety. Reduce costs. The PI System helps teams use data to make better, faster decisions.

refinery worker with hard hat in front of oil refinery

Refinery management

Improve asset utilization, reliability, and hydrocarbon loss by providing access to real-time operational intelligence.

YASREF used the PI System to reduce the number of applications by 50% and is closer to meeting its goal to become the most advanced integrated refining and petrochemical complex in the world.

oil refinery near hill

Process optimization

Optimize energy management, yields, and hydrocarbon loss for opportunity crudes.

MOL uses real-time operational data to optimize energy management, improve yield, manage product loss, and process opportunity crudes.

Refinery oil tanks and pipes

Yield maximization

Increase yields with real-time operational data.

MOL teamed with Axens, a leading conversion catalyst provider, to digitally link units to monitor asset performance in near real time.

worker on catwalk at oil refinery

Data integrity

Enable the transformation of downstream operations by integrating disparate assets into a unified, enterprise-wide data model.

Delek used the PI System as an operational integration, applications, and analytics infrastructure across multiple refineries.

oil refinery

Oil accounting and inventory management

Manage oil movements, inventory, and oil accounting with real-time decision support.

PERTAMINA uses the PI System for inventory managements to seven-day stock out projections across its 128 terminals.

Large tanks of oil

Digital refinery

Integrate data from disparate sources such as CMMS, P&IDs, and Industrial IoT.

Sinclair used Asset Framework as the master data management engine, putting the company on the path to reaching its digital transformation goals.

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