Upstream oil and gas

Every day, upstream oil and gas companies around the world depend on the PI System for real-time production insights, advanced equipment monitoring, and oilfield analytics.

  • 85%
    of the world’s top upstream oil and gas companies use the PI System
  • 450M+
    oil and gas sensor data streams
  • $1B+
    in business improvements for upstream oil and gas

The power of the PI System for upstream oil and gas

Temperature. Pressure. Flow rate. The PI System provides vital insights across all production assets, enabling you to compare these critical factors and more. With the PI System you can spot patterns to help you maximize output while avoiding unplanned downtime.

Production and operations

Improve production rates using real-time models and automated workflows.

Oxy’s journey from digital oilfield to full field analytics enables predictive and preventative operations.


Maintenance and reliability

Improve asset reliability. Prevent unplanned shutdowns. Troubleshoot problems in minutes. Save time and money with condition-based maintenance.

Abu Dhabi’s national oil company created a smart condition-based maintenance solution for well operations. 

offshore oil rig

Health, safety, and environment

Manage risk with alerts and safety reports. Review built-in emissions reporting. Comply with government regulations.

ENI accelerates machine learning and big data analytics with the PI System, cutting CO2 emissions and reducing energy consumption.

Real-time drilling

Decrease drilling time. Optimize drilling schedules based on historical performance. Reduce slide percentages.

Apache created the Remote Operations Center to increase operational visibility, reduce downtime, and minimize driving time to remote locations.


Well integrity

Ensure wells operate within safe limits using advanced real-time monitoring and exception-based analytics.

Shell uses the PI System to monitors its fleet of subsea blowout preventers remotely, achieving major performance and maintenance cost improvements.


Remote monitoring

Capture data from remote sources. Monitor production and equipment performance. Gain analytics insights. Automate repetitive tasks.

Petronas created an advanced remote monitoring solution for an entire fleet of gas turbines, helping avoid over 135 days of production deferment.


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