Transportation organizations across the globe are using the PI System to improve operational performance and avoid catastrophic machine failures. Reduce costs. Easily comply with environmental, health, and safety regulations. Create long-term strategic success.

The power of the PI System for transportation

Address potential disruptions before they cause problems. Identify opportunities for greater efficiency. Improve daily operations.

ProRail keeps its switches healthy in extreme cold and trains running on time year-round

Fincantieri ship on water with PI System

Fincantieri uses a digital twin to create situational awareness and simulate equipment

Kongsberg Maritime relies on the PI System in its move to autonomous operations

Person managing port operations

White paper: condition-based maintenance for transportation

Built to fit your needs

From rail and trucking to marine and ports, the PI System can help you make better decisions faster. Define a single source of truth for all operations data. Perform transportation analytics. Automate actions like creating maintenance work orders, rescheduling routes, and managing incident workflows. 


Railway organizations can realize the power of their own real-time data to improve safety, reduce costs, and meet commitments to customers.


With the PI System, ports and intermodal companies can integrate all equipment data to maximize automation investments, driving efficiency and safety.


Marine operators can integrate offshore and onshore equipment data to optimize performance.

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