Partner training and accreditation

Show customers your commitment to the PI System and your ability to provide outstanding services for installation and support.

Benefits of our training and accreditation program

  • Stand out from competitors

    Differentiate yourself from competitors with accredited employees. 

  • Business training

    Learn about the business value of the PI System. 

  • Support for resellers

    Get sales, marketing, and legal support as a value-added reseller. 

PI System infrastructure specialist

Acquire a solid understanding of our business messaging and technical knowledge of all PI System products.


  • One year of experience configuring the PI System
  • Pass a one-hour final exam
Blue PI System Infrastructure Accreditation Badge
three people in plant reviewing a screen
PI System installation specialist
Demonstrate your experience installing and implementing a full PI System.


  • Accreditation as a PI System infrastructure specialist
  • Additional six months of experience configuring the PI System
  • Pass a one-hour final exam

Green PI System installation specialist badge OSIsoft accredited

person at computer

Partner sales training

Learn about the PI System—its products, business value, and positioning across multiple industries.

  • Product knowledge

    Learn through on-demand videos, online courses, and instructor-led trainings.

  • Industry background

    Gain an in-depth understanding of the PI System and IIoT/Industry 4.0 via curated training. 

  • Positioning and messaging

    See key features/benefits of the PI System that expedite customers’ digital transformation. 

  • Marketing and sales advice

    Work with your account manager to promote and expand your PI System offerings.

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