PI Core

PI Core is our most widely used software, providing industrial engineers, asset operators, and onsite analysts with real-time, high-fidelity operations data for informed decision-making.

PI Core benefits

Protect and support your core operations to improve uptime, safety, and operational efficiencies.

  • Scalable data archive for operations

    Build a single system of record for operations across your entire plant. PI Server can track millions of high-fidelity data tags, store decades worth of historical data, and incorporate predictive (future) data.

  • Integrated context and data modeling

    Use Asset Framework to build reusable data structures for organizing data. Add relational data from other systems. Group related data across equipment, process lines, or facilities to improve diagnostics or conduct analyses.

  • Self-service data visualization

    Give plant engineers, asset operators, and analysts tools to quickly create displays and reports without coding. Analyze real-time operational data in Excel.

  • Operations-grade reliability

    Ensure access to operations data in high-stakes environments where precision and accuracy are critical. Configure PI Core components for automatic failover and high availability. Protect  data access with enterprise authentication.

PI Core features

  • Collect data

    Gather high-fidelity time-series data from any source. Choose from hundreds of off-the-shelf PI Adapters, PI Connectors, and PI Interfaces to collect operations data natively from a wide variety of legacy and proprietary assets, as well as SCADA and other control systems. Eliminate time-consuming and costly manual data collection. Ensure reliable data transfer even during disruptions with our built-in buffering.

  • Store and enhance data

    Store years of operations data with maximum efficiency. The heart of the PI Core portfolio is PI Server, the industry’s most reliable and hardened historian for operations data. PI Server’s Data Archive optimizes storage and access to massive volumes of operations data, so engineers and analysts can see trends, spot anomalies, and drill down to the details.

    See data in context for faster insight. The PI Server includes Asset Framework for data organization and structuring. Combine related data streams from equipment, process lines, or facilities into a consolidated view using reusable data structures. Include relational data from other systems to add context to time-series data by referencing—not replicating—data. Label raw data streams so even non-experts can interpret reports. Asset Framework enables asset analytics, built-in calculations, event tracking, and configurable notifications right out of the box.

  • Visualize data

    Get on-demand data access without coding. Use PI Vision, our web-based data visualization tool, to create powerful and mobile-friendly dashboards and process monitoring displays with easy drag-and-drop technology. PI DataLink pulls data into Excel spreadsheets for analysis and reporting.

  • Integration

    Pull operations data quickly into familiar tools. PI Integrators shape and translate data to use in cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Platform. Integrate data into familiar tools like MS Power BI, SAP BI, Tableau, or any tool that accesses data using Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) or SQL standards.

Built to meet your needs

Whether at the core of operations or connecting from edge to cloud, the PI System goes where your company goes. Explore our core, edge, and cloud offerings.

PI Core

Collect real-time data streams to create a single system of record. Cleanse, store, enhance, and organize raw data. Give users self-service data visualization tools. Identify anomalies and send alerts.

PI Cloud

Consolidate operations data with our scalable, cloud-native platform. Share data with data scientists and service providers via standard REST APIs.

PI Edge

Expand your view of operations to include remote assets. Deploy on small, low-cost devices built for rugged conditions and intermittent connectivity.

Developer technologies

Develop custom applications on top of the PI System. Integrate PI System data with other business systems, custom applications, reporting and analytics platforms, web portals, and maintenance systems.

Let’s work together

We’ve been delivering reliable data for over 40 years. In fact, 24 of our first 25 customers still use our platform. Let us know how we can help you.

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