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  • Pulp and Paper

    Pulp & Paper

    9 of the top 10 companies rely on the PI System

    For industry leaders and more than 450 mills worldwide, the PI System™ is the industry standard for increasing value and growing profitability in a highly competitive and capital-intensive industry. The PI System helps you effectively manage resources, attain sustainability goals, reduce costs and increase productivity from forest to mill to transportation.

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  • Industry Insights


    Pulp & Paper

    Number 1


    Manage efficiencies when critical data resides in different systems.


    The PI System has the power to gather and integrate all your data across all your systems regardless of function or location, which leads directly to more accurate information and incisive decision-making. In fact, Pulp & Paper companies that deploy the PI System have been able to reduce their variable cost of paper production by 1-4% and their cost of quality mill-wide by 3-5%.

    Number 2


    Derive more value from condition-based maintenance (CBM).


    Monitor the duty cycle of key assets to drive CBM efforts. The PI System is helping leading Pulp & Paper companies monitor asset duty cycles and integrate them with their CBM program. For many companies, the resulting step change in reliability has increased asset availability and uptime – and reduced emergency maintenance by 1.0-3.5%.


    Evergreen Packaging
    Pulp & Paper

    Evergreen Packaging drives their information infrastructure through an Enterprise Agreement.


    Androscoggin Mill
    Pulp & Paper

    Staying competitive with improved water usage and increasing energy efficiency
    Partner Highlights


    Flakeboard/RtTech (PSS)

    Pulp & Paper

    Globally, there is a strong demand of EMIS solutions, partly triggered by the European Energy Efficiency Directive (the 20/20/20 rule). EMIS is also viewed as an important component in becoming compliant and certified with the ISO 50001 standard. Flakeboard will show how implementing RtEMIS and the PI System has allowed them to save over 5% in Energy during the last calendar year.